Premium Packaging

Premium Packaging

Stylish Presentation that Simplifies Your Workflow

The way you present your work says a lot about who you are as a photographer. Presentation is a simple, yet invaluable step in delivering the custom artwork you’ve created for your clients. Let us take care of the packaging for you. Our Premium Packaging saves you valuable time, storage space, and materials. It’s so easy – Select Premium Packaging when you check out in ROES and your order will be beautifully and professionally packaged and shipped.

Choose Your Favorite Look

Premium Packaging is available in four different styles:

• Brown box with cream tissue paper and a natural cloth ribbon

• Kraft box with black tissue paper and a black cloth ribbon

• Kraft box with cream tissue paper and a natural cloth ribbon

• Charcoal box with light gray tissue paper and a gray cloth ribbon

Choose the look that perfectly complements your brand, or mix it up for each order to best match the style of your clients’ images. Orders of Photographic Prints, Press Printed Cards, Boutique Cards, Personalized Media Products, Press Printed Books, and Albums can all be premium packaged.

Special Delivery

Premium Packaged orders can be drop shipped directly to your clients. It adds a special touch to deliveries you can’t make in person, and your work is done the moment you send us your order. We can also ship orders to your studio in Premium Packaging so you can present the packaged product yourself.

Leave Your Mark

Want to personalize your Premium Packaging? We offer creative solutions that allow you to do just that. Design Stickers with your branding and adhere them to the Premium Packaging when you receive orders at your studio. We have over 50 unique shapes and sizes of Stickers to choose from. Another option is ordering custom Folded Bookmarks with your branding and slipping them under the Premium Packaging ribbon.

Products to Premium Package


Photo Prints and Fine Art Prints come sealed in clear poly bags. Premium Packaging boxes are available in sizes small enough for proofs and large enough to fit 11×14" prints. Wallets are packaged in clear boxes. Please note that large quantity proofing orders may arrive with prints placed directly into the Premium Packaging box with the ribbon only, rather than sealed in clear poly bags and wrapped in tissue.

Press Printed Cards, Boutique Cards, and Foil Pressed Cards

Cards of any size, flat or folded, are banded together and then placed in the box. Boutique Cards will be sealed in clear poly bags rather than banded. An insert may be added to keep the cards secure inside the packaging. Business Cards, Rep Cards, and Bookmarks can also be Premium Packaged.

Personalized Media

CD, DVD, and USB Cases will each be packaged individually. For orders of CDs, DVDs, or USB drives without cases, items will be packaged together in one box.

Albums and Books

Premium Packaging also provides a protective storage option for Albums and Books. An insert or foam bumper may be added to ensure your Book or Album fits snugly inside the box. Premium Packaging is not available for 11×14" Books.

Please Note: We cannot combine multiple orders for Premium Packaging. Each WHCC order will be Premium Packaged individually.

Ordering Information

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Order Premium Packaging during the Review Order process in ROES. You'll see it listed when ordering available products.

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Free Shipping = Standard

This product comes with free Two-Day Shipping. Upgrades and drop shipping (shipping directly to a client or address other than the one we have on file for you) are available at an extra cost.

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  • Not Applied to Minimum Order

    The Premium Packaging charge does not apply towards the $12 minimum order.

Pricing Information


Premium Packaging
When ordered with drop shipping $4.95
When shipped back to your studio $7.75

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the largest print size that can be premium packaged?

    We can package Photographic Print sizes from wallets and proofs up to 11x14".

  • How will my order be packaged if I order prints that are too large for premium packaging, with prints that can be premium packaged?

    Prints larger than 11x14" will be packaged the same as a normal order, in our regular poly bags with cardboard. Prints 11x14" or smaller will be packaged in our Premium Packaging.

  • Will my various print sizes be packaged individually?

    Your entire order will be packaged together in one box, depending on how large the order is. However, each print size will be packaged in its own right-sized poly bag.

  • Why is the Premium Packaging price different for drop shipping versus ship to studio orders?

    The drop shipped Premium Packaging price is discounted because some of the additional expense for additional labor is part of the drop ship fee. A drop shipped Premium Packaging order is $7.50 for the drop ship plus $4.95 for the packaging, for a total of $12, while shipping to studio Premium Packaging is a total of $7.75.

  • What colors of Premium Packaging do you offer?

    We offer brown, charcoal, and kraft.

  • Can you sell me just the boxes?

    Boxes cannot be purchased individually. They are available with Photographic Prints, Press Printed Cards, Press Printed Books and Albums, and proofing orders.

  • What do you offer for ribbons?

    Boxes are finished and tied with a cream, eco-friendly natural cloth ribbon.