Premium Packaging

Presentation is a simple, yet invaluable step in delivering the custom artwork you’ve created for your clients. Select Premium Packaging when you check out and your order will be beautifully and professionally packaged and shipped.

  • Available for a variety of products, including Prints, Cards, Personalized Media Products, Books & Albums
  • Available in four color styles
  • Tissue paper and a cloth ribbon included with each box

Available at checkout when ordering online or via ROES.

ROES Ordering Information



Order Premium Packaging during checkout in ROES as part of the Review Order process. You'll see it listed when ordering available products. Please Note: We cannot combine multiple orders for Premium Packaging. Each WHCC order will be Premium Packaged individually.

Quick Facts

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Turnaround Time
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How Products are Packaged

Photographic Prints
and Fine Art Prints come sealed in clear poly bags. Premium Packaging boxes are available in sizes small enough for proofs and large enough to fit 11×14" prints. Wallets are packaged in clear boxes. Please note that large quantity proofing orders may arrive with prints placed directly into the Premium Packaging box with the ribbon only, rather than sealed in clear poly bags and wrapped in tissue.

Cards of any size, flat or folded, are banded together and then placed in the box. Cards with shapes will be sealed in clear poly bags rather than banded. An insert may be added to keep the cards secure inside the packaging. Business Cards and Gift Tags can also be Premium Packaged.

Personalized Media
Disk Cases and USB Cases will each be packaged individually. An order of USB Drives without cases will be packaged together in one box.

Albums and Books
Premium Packaging also provides a protective storage option for Albums and Books. An insert or foam bumper may be added to ensure your Book or Album fits snugly inside the box. Premium Packaging is not available for 11×14" Books.

Special Delivery

Orders of Photographic Prints, Press Printed Cards, Boutique Cards, Personalized Media Products, Press Printed Books, and Albums can all be premium packaged.

Premium Packaged orders can be drop-shipped directly to your clients. It adds a special touch to deliveries you can’t make in person, and your work is done the moment you send us your order. We can also ship orders to your studio in Premium Packaging so you can present the packaged product yourself.

Leave Your Mark

Want to personalize your Premium Packaging? We offer creative solutions that allow you to do just that. Design Stickers with your branding and adhere them to the Premium Packaging when you receive orders at your studio or try a Gift Tag you can slip under the ribbon.

Premium Packaging color style options

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