Sample Sets

Marketing Materials to Amplify Your Sales

Our Sample Sets are inexpensive, yet highly impactful sales tools for your photography business. When you put samples in your clients’ hands, they make more confident decisions to purchase products from you.

All of our Sample Sets are available for purchase through ROES in the Guides + Sample Sets catalog. U.S. based clients can conveniently order select Sample Sets below.

Press Product Sample Sets

We’ve created five different Press Sample Sets: Wedding, High School Senior,
Newborns + Children, Holiday, and Marketing.

Each set includes two lists describing the samples: One is unbranded for your
clients to view and one is just for your reference with branding and pricing.

Marketing Press
Sample Set

Enhance your marketing! This set contains non-branded marketing samples of our press products, including the new options we have available this year. Use these samples to make your marketing materials stand above the rest or share them with clients who are looking to promote their own business.

Your Marketing Press Sample Set includes a link to download all the design templates for free. Just insert your images into these templates to create personalized marketing materials!

$2.50 + shipping

Baby Press
Sample Set

$2.50 + shipping

Holiday Press
Sample Set

$2.50 + shipping

Senior Press
Sample Set

$2.50 + shipping

Wedding Press
Sample Set

$2.50 + shipping

Press Cards are a great addition to your product sales. Your wedding, baby, and senior photography clients will need invitations, announcements, thank you cards, and more. And keep in mind - everyone will need holiday cards! Show your clients how easy it is to get these, and other essentials, from you instead of anywhere else.

Need design help? Each Press Sample Set includes a link to download all featured designs for free!

Each Press Sample Set is just $2.50. USPS shipping is $4, no matter how many sets you order. Expedited shipping is available.

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Envelope Sample Set

Our Envelope Sample Sets include 5x7 samples of all 15 envelope options we offer:

  • White and Parchment envelopes (available free of charge with Press Card orders)
  • Red, Green, Olive, Maroon, and Kraft colored envelopes
  • Linen envelopes in White and Cream
  • Pearl envelopes in White, Cream, Steel, and Bronze
  • White envelopes with Foil Lining in Gold and Silver

Pair each order of Press Printed Cards and Boutique Cards with the envelopes that best suit the style or occasion. Whether greetings, announcements, or invitations, you can choose envelopes that perfectly enhance the delivery. Your client’s cards look great right out of the mailbox!

Envelopes are available for orders of Press Printed Cards and Boutique Cards in 4x5.5, 4x8, 5x5 and 5x7 flat and folded sizes.

Learn more about the color options available

Sample Set

$4 + shipping

Inspiration Guide Sample Set

We created Inspiration Guides as a marketing resource for your business. They’re catalogs you can distribute to your clients, featuring photographic products in real home settings. Inspiration Guides help you educate your clients and encourage higher product sales. Each guide has a companion catalog just for you, called the Pro Guide. It labels the products shown with pricing guidelines and includes sales and marketing tips for each page. Four different Inspiration Guides are available, each with their own Pro Guide:

  • Newborns + Children
  • High School Seniors
  • Weddings + Engagements
  • Families + Children

Want to check out all of our Inspiration Guides? The Sample Set includes a copy of all four Inspiration Guides and all four Pro Guides. With the Sample Set, you can decide which editions you’d like to distribute to your clients, then order in ROES under ‘Guides + Sample Sets’.

Learn about our Inspiration Guides

Inspiration Guide Sample Set

$2 + shipping

Cover Material Swatch Set

Sell more Books and Albums with Swatch Sets. All 47 of our fabric and leather cover material options are included in this handy set. The wallet-sized swatches are unbranded, and the cover collection and color are labeled on the back of each one.

Material collections include:

  • Leather
  • Premium Leather
  • Vintage Leather
  • Alligator Leather
  • Faux Leather
  • Fabric
  • Suede Fabric
  • Floral Fabric
  • Mineral

Each material in this Swatch Set makes a beautiful cover on its own, and can also be paired with a custom photo cover to make a Combo Cover.

In addition to Books and Albums, the cover materials in this set are also available for Mini Books, Image Boxes, Folios, and CD/DVD/USB Cases.

Learn about our Books + Albums

Cover Material Swatch Set

$16 + shipping

Frame Sample Sets

Sell more Framed Prints with Frame Sample Sets from WHCC. A full set includes samples of all 24 of our handcrafted frames + all 8 of our mat options. Share these samples with your clients and they're sure to find a style they love. They can get a close-up look and choose the best frames for their images and décor.

  • Ashland Aged Gray + Aged Umber
  • Colonial Aged Gray + Aged Umber
  • Deluxe Toffee Crunch + Rum Raisin
  • Distressed Black, Light Blue, Mint, Navy, Orange, Pink, Teal, + White
  • Gallery Fine Black, White + Gray
  • Gallery Wide Black, White + Gray
  • Lexington Black, Cherry, Bronze + Iron
  • Slim Black + White
  • Mats in Double White, Double Black, Black, Blue, Brown, Cream + Dark Green

Frame corners are ready to display and combine with mat corners to help clients visualize the final product. Frame sticks cost less and come in a more portable size. Inspire the sale with either set when you share these samples with your clients! Any individual frame corner or stick may also be ordered a la carte in ROES.

Learn about our Framed Prints

Frame Stick +
Mat Set

$35 + shipping

Frame Stick

$30 + shipping

Frame Stick
Mat Set

$5 + shipping

Frame Corner +
Mat Set

$83 + shipping

Frame Corner

$75 + shipping

Frame Corner
Mat Set

$8 + shipping

Float Frame Sample Sets

Finish the look of Premium Gallery Wraps with high-end Float Frames from WHCC.

The Float Frame Sample Set includes all eight options including Classic Float Frames in black, white, gold, and silver and Wire Brushed Float Frames in charcoal, chestnut, smoke gray, and white.

Choose a Sample Set with float frame corners or 4” float frame sticks to help your clients visualize the final product.

Learn about our Float Frames for Premium Gallery Wraps

Float Frame
Stick Set

$33 + shipping

Float Frame
Corner Set

$55 + shipping