Introducing Studio

Everything you need to sell more products begins with Studio. Streamline your order management, save time by letting clients design and order cards online, and design wall layouts to take your In-Person Sales to the next level with Studio for iPad.

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Everything you Need,
All in One Place

All the essential photo delivery features in easy-to-use project pages. With shareable webpages, you and your clients can engage with your photos, collaborate on design, and purchase products.

Create Projects

Upload the photos from your session to stay organized and for easy digital delivery.

Design + Sell Cards Online

Use our simple online editor to design cards that clients can order directly from your project webpage at the prices you set.

Share with Clients

Send a shareable webpage to your clients where they can view images, products, and designs.

Ordering Made Easy

Order products directly through Studio or Studio for iPad. You can even allow your clients to order their own cards.


A Project for Every Session

Uploading your images into shared projects makes them easily accessible for both you and your clients. It’s a great way to manage the digital delivery of your images and to keep them organized. No more sifting through folder after folder to find a specific gallery or image.

Safe Storage for all Your Photos

Tired of dealing with storage limits? Us too. That’s why we let you create as many projects as you like, for free. Upload your photos to a project and we’ll keep them safe, so you or your client can come back to them anytime.


Design Tools
Anyone Can Use

We’ve built easy-to-use design tools with you in mind to take the stress out of creating beautiful artwork with your images. These online editing tools are currently available for our most popular cards and wall display products with more to come!

Well-Crafted Cards are Just a Click Away

We created Online Ordering to give photographers an almost effortless way to offer cards to their clients. It’s filled with hundreds of pre-made designs, easy-to-use customization features, and various printing options to give photographers everything they need to design + order custom cards.

  • No need for additional software, like Adobe Photoshop or Illustrator
  • Experiment with card shapes, colors, fonts, and foils
  • Add your own branding to each card
Explore our pre-made templates

Design Eye-Catching Wall Displays in Minutes

The simplest way to create and order our popular Wall Display products, including Framed Prints, Gallery Wraps, Metal Prints, and more.

  • Preview how your image looks with various mouldings and matte options.
  • Save options to share with your clients.
  • Design gallery walls to scale using the Studio iPad app.
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Take In-Person Sales to the Next Level

With the Studio companion app for iPad you can rate and review images, play slideshows, and create beautiful wall displays using a pre-loaded library of WHCC products. Increase sales by letting your clients preview their new art in their homes before they buy and keep their excitement high by sending them home with a printout of their order—all without leaving the app.

Explore Studio for iPad

Build a Fully-Branded
Client Experience

We’ve created a completely white-labeled experience for you and your clients. Customize the entire page to match your branding, select an accent color, and set your business preferences.

Hover over colors to see branded elements change.

Share Saved Designs or let Your Clients Create Their Own

Your project page brings turn-key products directly to your clients, making it much easier to earn additional income from a single session. Whether you design a few cards ahead of time or let them shop on their own, it’s never been easier to sell WHCC cards.

Let Your Clients Shop

We know every client is different. Some rely on the photographer for additional products and some want a little more control. Either way, we’ve got you covered. Clients can shop on their own, design cards in their style, and can place an order directly from your page.

Retain Final Approval

It’s important that your work is always shown in the best light, no matter how it’s used. That’s why we make sure you have the final call before the order goes to print. If something looks off, it’s easy to make a change and send it back to your client.


Everything you Need to Start Selling

All of our cards are purchasable right from your project page. We'll let you set your own prices or offer cards at cost, then your clients can choose their own quantities and checkout in one seamless process. Don’t worry, setting up your reseller account only takes a few minutes.

Seamless Checkout Process

Our streamlined checkout process allows your clients to pay with a credit or debit card, making it really easy for them to checkout right away. Now, clients can create an order exactly how they want it and complete their purchase in just a few clicks.

Better Order Management

Purchases are tracked from the minute an order is placed to when the products are delivered to your client’s door. You can manage orders within the project page, the WHCC iOS app, and monitor payments via Stripe’s dashboard app.

Safe, Secure Payments

Our integration with Stripe ensures that transactions between you and your client are secured to the most rigorous level of certification in the industry. This means your clients can shop in confidence and payment transfers are protected and tracked.

Simple Account Setup

We don’t like lengthy setup processes either. That’s why creating your reseller account only takes a few minutes. Just enter some basic business information, connect your Stripe account, and you’re off and running.

All the Options you Love, now Easier to Use

Studio makes it easy to stay organized, sell, and design our most popular products. When you’re ready to order, it also makes it easy to upgrade your presentation with Premium Packaging and drop ship the order directly to your clients.

Backed by our Industry-leading Quality and Customer Service

Quality Products

You’re giving clients high-quality WHCC Cards that they deserve and providing a service they value.

Fast Friendly Support

Help is always easy to find at WHCC. We value giving our clients the best customer service in the industry.

One Account

Hosting, designing, sharing, selling, and fulfillment all in one place means no more paying for multiple accounts.

Fast Fulfillment

Give your clients the standard of service and turnaround times we're used to providing. Make them happy every time.

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