Eco-Friendly Ways to Display Your Art

Our goal is to handcraft high-quality products with less impact. Get inspired by our environmentally responsible surface options to make your creative work stand out.

Eco-friendly wedding products—Bamboo Panel, Wood Box, & Flat Card

Quality doesn’t have to come at the expense of the environment. As a family-run business, we create products meant to last for generations and are continually making improvements to do so more sustainably. Here are some of our favorite eco-friendly product options for you to try on your next project.

Earth Day small Fine Art Print surface detail

Fine Art Prints

Our Smooth Matte, Velvet, and Torchon Fine Art Papers are all made from 100% cotton. These Fine Art Papers provide a textured surface and exceptional detail. Printed with archival inks, our clients can cherish memories for many years without having to sacrifice the quality that they expect.

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Earth Day family Bamboo Panel portrait on wall
Earth Day Bamboo Display Stand with mounted engagement prints

Bamboo Products

Bamboo is sustainable on so many levels and provides the highest indoor air quality rating. The bamboo material we use—Moso bamboo, to be exact—is sustainably harvested, and its density makes it a terrific option to use as a base for Photo or Fine Art Prints to adorn your clients’ walls.

Bamboo Panels arrive as 4′×8′ sheets, which we cut down ourselves on-site to reduce waste. The smaller leftover pieces are often turned into smaller keepsakes, like Bamboo Mini Blocks, Ornaments, and Display Stands.

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Earth Day Bamboo Press Paper Holiday Flat Card

Press Printed Papers

Our Bamboo Press Paper is eco-friendly, sustainably grown, fertilizer free, self-regenerating, and easily recyclable when sending special greetings. In addition, it has a matte finish and slight texture, creating a beautiful card option you can feel good about.

We also have many recyclable press paper options such as Smooth Matte, Art Linen, Art Watercolor, and Art Recycled. Our Recycled Press Paper option is made of 100% post-consumer waste and is extremely popular. Both our Bamboo and Recycled Press Paper options are Forestry Stewardship Council certified.

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Earth Day family Wood Print surface detail
Earth Day family Wood Print collage on wall

Wood Prints

Wood Prints are crafted with durable and renewable maple wood panels, providing another beautiful option to display images in a responsible way. The natural texture of the wood surface makes each print truly one of a kind, lending authentic beauty and warmth to your images.

Similarly, our Wood Boxes and Wood Display Stands give you the touch of natural wood as an eco-friendly display option for any bookshelf or table.

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Large White Base Metal Print hanging on family dining room wall

Metal Prints

Metal Prints are the perfect example of how quality doesn’t need to come at the expense of the environment. You may not realize it, but our Metal Prints are recyclable—made of aluminum and archival for over 60 years.

They’re a great way to show off the visual brilliance of your work, whether it’s travel, landscape, animals, or portraits. Choose from a variety of dynamic surfaces to find a look that reflects your style.

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High Quality. Less Impact.

We’re constantly researching ways to limit the environmental impact of our processes and our facility. Learn more about our responsible practices and what we’re doing to ensure a more sustainable future.