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Metal Prints

A modern alternative for a festive wall display. Metal Prints are printed on an aluminum panel with the choice of different surfaces + finishes, providing protection and durability for generations.

How to Order

Why you’ll love them

Metal Prints are slim and lightweight, making them a modern alternative for any type of wall display. From vivid colors to black and whites, they’ll provide you with options to create attention-grabbing art. Large Metal Prints make a big impression on the wall, while smaller Metal Prints bring attention to other areas of the room.

Your clients will love the option of having an alternative to a typical framed photo print. Metal Prints make a big impression on the wall and a striking visual for anywhere in the home.

Take a closer look at our Metal Prints

View the beautiful sheen of a Metal Print with a white base and high-gloss finish.

Complete the Look with a Frame

Any of our Metal Print surfaces can be finished with frame. Enhance its unique sheen by pairing it with one of our 30+ moulding options, such as our Metal Frames collection.

WHCC holiday product for professional photographers
WHCC holiday product for professional photographers

Reflect Your Style

White Base Metal Prints take your bright, vivid colors to the next level. It’s exceptional for skin tones and creates a dynamic range of colors for all images, including nature shots and animals. Meanwhile, Clear Base Metal Prints show the raw brushed metal through your image, great for more edgy and industrial subjects. Choose to pair either base with Matte, Semi-Gloss, or High Gloss finish for an exceptional display.

An Instant Tabletop Display

Are your clients short on wall space? Create a Metal Print display on any tabletop, mantle, shelf, dresser, or desktop surface. Metal easel backing is available for all sizes between 4x6" and 10x10", including our most popular small Metal Print size, 8x12".

WHCC holiday product for professional photographers

Tips & Tools to Sell

Metal Prints

Think outside the box this holiday season and give clients a small Metal Print with an easel back. While large Metal Prints make a big impression on the wall, small Metal Prints bring attention to other areas of the room as well. Offer larger Metal Prints as part of your seasonal packages and Metal Prints with easel backs as an a la carte item for trendy gift ideas.

Resources to make the sale

Start With the Perfect Message

Need help reaching out to your clients this holiday season? Just copy and paste the following messages to email your client list or share with your followers.

Social Media Post

Email Sales Copy Template

Help Your Clients Picture the Product

Download our free marketing images to include in your communication with clients and marketing materials. Your clients can see the beauty of the products you provide.

Create Digital Mockups for Virtual Sales in Seconds

  1. Select a template from below and drop your photos into the products.
  2. Download the result into a JPEG you can use anywhere.
  3. Share on social media or with your clients.
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Let's Get Your Order Ready to Go

Ordering Metal Prints is easier than you think. All it takes is dropping in your images online! Just log in through our website to Create a Project, upload your images, and select Metal Prints. Then choose your base, finish, size, and hanging option of your choice. Your images are stored to create additional products at any time without having to re-upload them to place another order.

If you opt to order through ROES, navigate to the Wall Display catalog and click on Metal Prints. Choose your surface, size, finish, and hanging options, and simply drag and drop your image.

Featured Design Templates

Save time and easily create these unique gifts with our free PSD design templates. Select your favorites to download and get started.

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