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How Many Types of Wall Products Should You Offer?

Find the right number and the right options that best fits your brand.

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When it comes to Wall Art, how many different varieties should you offer? That's simple—three! Offering three different product collections gives your clients enough options without overwhelming their decision making process.

By structuring your packages strategically, you can nudge your clients to choose what you want to sell, such as the “Good, Better, Best” method, or setting your investment levels as silver, gold, and platinum. Provide your clients with a variety of different options to help match their home, style, and budget.

Choose Wall Art That Fits Your Brand

If you are just starting out or what to refine your product offerings, we recommend selecting products that speak to you and your brand the most.

Here are a few of our favorite Wall Art options to get you started on selecting the 3 to create your “Good, Better, Best” packages:

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Shown: 16×20" Premium Gallery Wrap with Semi-Gloss laminate

Gallery Wraps

Gallery Wraps are among the most loved products your clients want to hang in their homes. Our Gallery Wraps are hand-constructed with gicleé printed canvas and available in a wide range of sizes.

Explore Gallery Wraps

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Shown: 16x20" Woodland Walnut Frame

Framed Prints

Framed Prints are a true client favorite that will sell well in your studio. We have over 30 moulding styles, from traditional to modern, to enhance your art and fit in every style of home.

Explore Framed Prints

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Shown: 24×36" Acrylic Print (with 1" Deluxe Gold Stand-off Metal Posts)

Acrylic Prints

Acrylic Prints have a luxurious look with ¼" crystal clear acrylic and inkjet glossy paper creating depth and dimension that will attract clients. As light hits the image, they will notice the rich color details and impressive contrast, making it an ideal statement piece.

Explore Acrylic Prints

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Shown: 20×30" White Base with High-Gloss Metal Print

Metal Prints

Metal Prints are slim and lightweight, making them a modern alternative to add to your collection. We offer 5 different finishing options, starting with a clear or white base to accentuate your photography.

Explore Metal Prints

Whcc multiple float framed wedding premium canvas gallery wraps lifestyle living room wall collage
Shown: 2-24×30” and 4-11×14” Aged Metallic Float Frames featuring Gallery Wraps and Lustre Photo Prints

Finish Your Wall Art with a Float Frame

Create a high-end display you can sell at your highest investment level! We have over 12 moulding options to elevate your wall art offerings. This option provides the subtle illusion that your image is floating inside with a ⅛" gap between the frame and the print. Frame a variety of print surfaces, including Photographic Prints, Fine Art Prints, Metal Prints, and Gallery Wraps.

Explore Float Frames

Start Creating Your Own Packages

You don’t need to offer all of the finishing options available for each of products we mentioned above, simply choose what you love. Explore all of our Wall Art options to customize the wall packages you want to offer.