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Meaningful Keepsakes for Mom

Give Mom more reasons to smile with these heartfelt product ideas

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Make this Mother's Day unforgettable by suggesting your clients order extra prints from their latest session to light up Mom's day! This presents an excellent chance to boost sales while offering a heartfelt gift that mothers and grandmothers will cherish. Contact your mini-session clients and share how they can transform their session images into an ideal photo gift for Mom.

Looking for suggestions? Scroll down to discover our favorite ways to create a heartwarming keepsake.

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Acrylic Blocks

The sleek 1" thickness of an Acrylic Block turns any photo into an eye-catching display. Its stylish design fits perfectly in any space, yet bold enough to grab attention. Take advantage of our custom designs or engraving options to offer a special touch of personalization for your client's gift for mom.

This is more than just a present for her; it will also catch the eyes of her friends and family. Your name will come to mind whenever she expresses to your client how much she loves her new Acrylic Block.

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Framed Tabletop Prints

Framed Tabletop Prints are a timeless choice that complements any decor, making it the perfect gift for Mom. With a convenient easel back, these prints are easily displayed anywhere, from the office to that cozy corner at home.

Choose between the classic warmth of our Hudson or Woodland Frames or the sleek, contemporary appeal of our Modern Metal Frames.

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Fine Art Print with Stand

Introduce your clients to the charming elegance of displaying a Fine Art Print on a Wood Display Stand. This option offers a fantastic method to appreciate a beloved photo, enhanced by the exquisite texture of Fine Art paper.

The beauty of this display lies not just in its visual appeal but also in its versatility; the stand allows for easy relocation and styling according to Mom's preferences. It's a beautiful approach to add a personal touch to any space, providing flexibility and style in how Mom showcases her cherished memories.

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Bamboo Mini Blocks

Craft an exclusive tabletop display with our Bamboo Mini Blocks. Choose between Lustre or Deep Matte Prints, each meticulously mounted on a ¾-inch bamboo block. The bamboo's inherent pattern adds a stylish twist, making each piece uniquely appealing.

Our Bamboo Mini Blocks are available in the perfect little sizes for mom, including 3"×3", 3"×4", and 4"×4". Encourage your clients to transform their little ones' creations and moments into lasting memories that moms will treasure for years.

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Gift Certificates

Mother’s Day is the perfect time to market family photography sessions and promote your small business! Ensure every mom has the opportunity to enjoy family photos by offering Gift Certificates. She can use them toward future photo sessions or to print her favorite memories as tangible products. It’s an easy way to book yourself solid and make moms smile.

We have pre-designed cards you can print and personalize for your clients and the sessions you want to offer. Include a special note about how much you appreciate your client's business and how excited you are to work together soon.

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