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Museum-Quality Art for Your Client's Home

Create the best version of your client’s portraits with Portrait Canvas.

WHCC Giclee Printed Portrait Canvas in Hudson Ivory Frame styled in home

Portrait Canvas helps preserve those times when clients seek a custom portrait that is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Discover all that goes into our Portrait Canvas process, from the high-quality materials to the amount of detail it takes to create the best version of your client's portraits.

What Makes Portrait Canvas so Unique

The finesse and creativity of developing a Portrait Canvas make it a unique masterpiece that will stand the test of time. Portrait Canvas is a traditional spray canvas with a noticeably high-end appearance, finished with a hand-applied varnish enhancing its canvas look.

As a photographer, you understand the vast range of printing options available and how to help your clients enhance their special moments by offering the right wall display option. By selecting your combination of canvas options, weaves, and water-based varnishes, you can tailor each piece to provide your clients with limited-edition wall art. Artists use canvas as a medium for their artwork, so why not provide your clients with a Portrait Canvas to show off their significant moments in life with precision and exquisite detail.

Tailor each piece to provide your clients with limited-edition wall art.
WHCC Portrait Canvas Options Peeled and Pressed with Giclee
Left: Peeled and Pressed Canvas | Right: Giclée Canvas

Two Canvas Options

We offer 2 distinct canvas style options - Giclée and Peeled & Pressed - to provide the look and finish you want with your artwork. Our canvases are OBA-free and archival certified, ensuring you can provide clients with a beautifully printed portrait that's designed to last.

Giclée Printed Canvas

Our Giclée Printed Canvas is a fantastic option when looking for a direct-to-canvas printing method similar to our Premium Fine Art Canvas products.

Finishing options for this style of Portrait Canvas include a water-based varnish, matte or semi-gloss.

    Peeled and Pressed Canvas

    Peeled and Pressed canvas is a traditional, classic print-making process where you get a choice of canvas weave. We peel the emulsion off the base paper by hand and press it onto the cotton canvas with heat and pressure, revealing the texture of the canvas. Still, it offers a final product with sharp images, crisp lines, and excellent color reproduction. In addition, the process for this product ensures the highest quality dmax, providing deeper shadows and brighter whites for a high-end base paper that is split and pressed.

    This product is available in two canvas weaves:

    • 10 oz. (thicker)
    • 7 oz. (thinner)

    The Peeled and Pressed Canvas also comes in your choice of water-based varnish, matte or semi-gloss.

      WHCC Portrait Canvas BTS varnish spray hand applied spray booth 05

      Hand-Applied Varnish

      Each Portrait Canvas has a varnish hand-applied to it, helping preserve and enhance the quality and detail of the product. In addition, it will protect from UV light which, over time, can alter the canvas print quality.

      Our Portrait Canvas comes with the option of being finished with a matte or semi-gloss varnish. The Breathing Color Timeless Matte Varnish is available on both Giclée and Peeled and Pressed Canvas options, providing two coats of a quick curing varnish. The Clearshield Canvas Guard Semi-Gloss Varnish is available on the Giclée Canvas and has two coats applied to the print.

      The Peeled and Pressed canvas option's semi-gloss option is made with a matte coat first applied to the canvas and then topped with two coats of PremierArt Gloss ECO Print Shield Semi-Gloss Varnish.

      WHCC Portrait Canvas stretcher frame detail giclee
      WHCC Portrait Canvas substrates masonite and stretcher frame giclee peeled and pressed

      Sizing & Substrate Options

      Portrait Canvas comes in various sizes, starting as small as 8×8 and as large as 40×60. Plus, we offer custom sizing to make it possible for you to get the perfect sized print for your client's needs.

      All Portrait Canvas prints are finished using a mounting substrate, including ¾" pine stretcher bars and a ⅛" Masonite board. These options help maintain the quality and durability of your client's canvas portrait, and are finished with the intention to be framed.

      WHCC Framed Portrait Canvas Peeled and pressed colonial aged umber frame

      Create a Museum-Quality Masterpiece

      Our Portrait Canvas is designed with every detail in mind to help create a museum quality work of art for your clients. We use archival materials and layers of protective spray, bringing everything together for a true masterpiece. No matter what moments your clients want to cherish forever, our Portrait Canvas is perfect for traditional portraits, landscapes, pet portraits, and other beautifully captured moments.

      The possibilities for using Portrait Canvas are endless. With the combination of canvas options, weaves, and varnishes, you to create limited-edition artwork your clients cannot get on their own.

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