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The Best Products to Display Your Nature and Landscape Photography

Choose which medium is right for you and start selling your artwork.

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As a professional photographer, your landscape, nature, and travel photography can enhance your business in a number of ways. It also helps ensure that your once-in-a-lifetime experiences won't just live on a hard drive. Clients will love to display these types of images in their homes, and rather than displaying stock photos, they can get a special piece of art they connect to.

When the time does come to start selling this type of imagery, there are a number of core display products you'll want to consider offering.

Displaying Your Nature and Landscape Photography: Knowing Your Options

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Metal Prints

By far, one of the best products to use to display your nature and landscape photography involves Metal Prints. Thanks to our innovative dye sublimation printing process, not only do you get more definition and clarity out of your images - you get colors that truly pop as well. All this and your images are displayed for posterity on a lightweight, aluminum panel. You can also complete your Metal Prints by finishing it with a Frame or Float Frame.

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Acrylic Prints

Set yourself and your work apart with this amazing wall art option. Clients love them because they bring a stylish, contemporary look to any setting that draws you in. Acrylic Prints are particularly notable for their stunning contrast due to its inkjet glossy paper combined with the dimension of ¼" thick acrylic. As light hits the image, your clients will notice the rich color details making it an ideal statement piece for outdoor portraiture.

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Fine Art Prints

Fine Art Prints will help your travel and nature photography look better than ever with their natural textures and luxurious feel. Choose from 5 unique paper types available as small, handheld prints to large display pieces that can be adored in a home, office, or gallery. With a nine-color pigment ink set, you’re getting accurately represented images with a wider dynamic range and deeper details. Provide your clients with the beauty of Mother Nature with archival inks and a paper surface that best suits your artwork.

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Framed Prints

Frames are a popular way to enjoy any type of print. By offering Framed Prints, you’re providing a classic favorite that will remain timeless in a home. The artistic texture of the paper inside the handcrafted frame will enhance your image even further. With over 30 mouldings options to choose from in various sizes and styles, there's a match for every picturesque moment. Optional matting in white, black, or gray will also add a high-end feel and draw more focus to the image. Frames can serve as a standalone collection or be combined with other frames and wall display products to create a personalized statement wall.

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Albums provide the perfect opportunity to document the entirety of an adventure, not just your favorite images along the way. They're available in different sizes, including 9×12" and 11×14", that will effortlessly translate your panoramic images into a coffee table book or portfolio album. Whether it’s for grand occasions or grand adventures, an Album will leave an impression no one will forget. Personalize your Album by debossing the location or destination name on the cover or by utilizing our cameo and combo covers options to feature a photo of what's inside.

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Overall, people can't get enough of how beautiful landscape and travel images are, particularly when hung in their home. While the photographs truly speak for themselves, choosing the right type of display products can really help finalize the sale, creating an exceptional experience that clients won't find anywhere else.