Image Blocks

A quality photo print wrapped around a solid block to give it depth. Available as a single image block or mount multiple blocks together in a unique story-telling layout.

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Image Blocks


Select a single or multi product block option and the desired depth and size.

Because the photo wraps around the edge, be sure to use our Sizing Templates when preparing your order.

Quick Facts
Turnaround Time

7-10 Days

Normally 5-7 Days

Shipping Truck

Free Ground Shipping

Shipping speed upgrades are available or drop ship directly to your client. Shipping Options

File Prep & Templates

Be sure to use our Sizing Templates when preparing your order. Visit Downloads to access these templates.

Image Wrapping
Plan for the extra space needed to wrap your image around the display without cutting off anything important. Add 1" around each side of your final image size for wrapping on any Multi-block or 1" thick Single Image Block. For the 2" thick Single Image Blocks add on 2 inches per side.

Accepted Files
Prepare your work for printing by saving high-quality JPEG files with an embedded color profile.

  • Export files tagged with an RGB Color Profile—P3, Adobe RGB, and sRGB are all great options.
  • We recommend saving your files at a JPEG quality of 10 or higher in Photoshop, 90% in Lightroom, or the equivalent in your editing tool.
  • Most products are printed at 300 DPI, and we’ll automatically resize your files for printing. For more precise control, you can resize your files and apply any sharpening before submitting.

Image Block Design Templates
We offer a selection of PSD templates you can download and customize for both single and multi-block configurations.

Multi-Block Configurations

We offer unique Multi-Block options that are available for ordering via ROES. Download our Configurations Guide to see them all.

About Image Blocks

Endless Options

The Image Block has a similar look to a Gallery Wrap in that the image or design is wrapped around a 1" thick wood block, but is created with a Lustre or Metallic photo print. First, select your style, and from there the size, paper, and decorative design are completely up to your creative eye. We manufacture our own Image Blocks so you’ll get the high quality, quick turnaround, great service, and free shipping you’ve come to expect from WHCC.

Print Surfaces

2 durable surface options, Matte Lustre or Metallic

Design Templates

Single Image Block or Multi-block


1" or 2" for single Image Blocks or 2" total for Multi-Blocks which include 1" images mounted on a 1" base block

Hanging Options

Hanging cleat included


From 4×5" to 24×36" with smaller sizes sold in sets of 3

Product Options

Image Block Styles

Start by picking a 1" or 2" thick Single Image Block or add depth with one of our 26 Multi-Block configurations.

Single Image Blocks


Your print is laminated and wrapped around a 1" or 2" thick block, allowing you to customize the look. Sizes range from 4×5" to 24×36".

Multi Image Blocks


With over 26 multi-block configurations, there’s endless opportunity to create an original piece. We start with a 1" thick base block, then secure multiple smaller 1" blocks to the base. You customize the print design for both the base and top layer of blocks.

Make it a wedding gift by adding a date to the front or accent the room with a bright and bold border.

  • Multi-Blocks can hang flush alongside any 2" thick Single Image Block.
  • Sizes range from 12×12" to 20×30"

Download our Configurations Guide to see them all.

Print Surfaces

Your choice of photographic print style is finished with a durable laminate and wrapped to the sides of a wood block.

Matte Lustre Block Surface

Matte Lustre Block

Vibrant colors and excellent skin tones with a slightly textured, matte finish.

Metallic Block Print Surface

Metallic Block

A metallic base adds a slight shimmer and vibrant colors. Slightly textured, matte finish.


Image Blocks arrive ready to hang with a wall cleat.

Simply mount the included hanging cleat to the wall and slide the Image Block into position. The cleat provides a strong and stable hanging for this heavier-weight product.

Image Blocks Hanging Cleat
Image Block hanging cleat from the side


Single Image Blocks
Size 1" Lustre 1" Metallic 2" Lustre 2" Metallic
(3) 4×5 $54.25 $64.25
(3) 4×6 54.25 64.25
(3) 5×5 54.25 64.25
(3) 5×7 61.75 71.75
(3) 6×6 61.75 71.75
8×8 35.50 40.50
8×10 36.75 41.75
8×12 39.50 44.50
10×10 40.75 45.75
10×20 57.50 67.50
11×14 48.75 53.75
12×12 47.50 52.50
12×18 59.75 69.75
12×24 71.75 81.75
16×16 74.50 84.50 86.00 96.00
16×20 77.25 87.25 90.00 100.00
16×24 88.00 98.00 102.25 112.25
20×20 90.75 100.75 104.75 114.75
20×24 104.25 114.25 119.75 129.75
20×30 124.50 134.50 142.00 152.00
24×30 155.50 165.50 174.50 184.50
24×36 189.25 199.25 210.00 220.00
Multi Image Blocks
Size Configuration Lustre Metallic
12×12 Framed $66.25 $76.25
12×12 Pinwheel 81.25 91.25
12×12 Trinity 81.25 91.25
13×30 Perfect Pair 153.00 163.00
21×21 Pinwheel 159.50 169.50
21×21 Trinity 171.75 181.75
21×21 9 Up 192.00 202.00
23×19 Stacked 133.75 143.75
23×23 Stacked 133.75 143.75
25×22 Details 175.75 185.75
27×8 Quad 127.25 137.25
27×8 Filmstrip 127.25 137.25
28×11 Storyboard 144.75 154.75
28×11 Ensemble 146.00 156.00
28×11 Trio 146.00 156.00