USB Cases

USB Cases

Customization to Impress

Deliver a USB Drive of images in a personalized USB Case complete with an engraved USB Drive. Choose from one of our many cover fabric or leather options or make it personal or branded with a photographic print wrapped around hardboard and finished with a matte laminate. USB Cases are square sized with the ability to hold 1 or 2 USB Drives. Our USB Case includes a magnetic closure to keep your case closed.

Customize Your Case

Personalize the Interior

The inside of our USB Case contains a foam insert to hold a USB Drive. Use this opportunity to extend the personalization of the case with an engraved USB Drive. Keep in mind that our USB Cases are designed to hold a specific USB Drive size. We offer solid black USB Drives and custom engraved USB Drives to fit inside our USB Cases. When either USB Drive is ordered with a USB Case, you'll receive a discount on the USB Drive. Solid black USB Drives are only available when ordered with a USB Case.

Additional Details

USB Cases are available with no minimum quantity and mix and match designs in a single order. Discounts are available at six or more of the same case design.

Custom Photo Covers

  • Lustre Paper with Matte Laminate

    Vibrant colors and excellent skin tones with a slightly textured, matte finish.

  • Metallic Paper with Matte Laminate

    A metallic base adds a slight shimmer and vibrant colors. Slightly textured, matte finish.

Cover Fabrics & Materials

Ordering Information

ROES Ordering Guide

Find the CD/DVD and USB Cases Catalog in ROES to place your order. You can also order a Cover Swatch Set through the Album and Book Cover Swatch Catalog. 

Be sure to use our Sizing Templates when preparing your order. Visit Downloads to access these templates. 

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  • Sizing Templates Available

    Sizing Templates are available for this product. Visit Downloads to access templates and other resources.

Packaging Options for Every Occasion

Set Your Business Apart

You can enhance the delivery of this order by adding special packaging. It’s the perfect touch that’ll set your business apart.

Choose Premium Packaging to package your order with a sleek chocolate colored box secured with a cream cloth ribbon.

Pricing Information


USB Drives
Size Ordered Alone* Ordered with a Case
8 GB $17.75 $13.50
16 GB 22 17.75
Engraving 2.50 per side 2.50 per side
*USB drives ordered alone must include engraving


USB Cases
Quantity Fabric/Lustre Cover Metallic Cover
1-5 $25 $27
6 or More
(of the same design)
22 24