Wood Boxes

A warm, natural presentation for delivering prints, preserving keepsakes, storing studio samples, and more.

  • Print on the lid or engrave from edge to edge
  • Store loose, mounted, or matted prints
  • Add-on options available such as false bottoms, Wood USB Drives, and display stands
ROES Ordering Information

Wood Boxes


Select the tab with the size of Wood Box you’d like to order. You can also order Styrene Mounted or 5×7" Matted Photographic Prints along with a Wood USB Drive and display stands in this catalog to go with your box. Wallet prints can be ordered via the Photographic Prints catalog.

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File Prep & Templates

Be sure to use our Sizing Templates when preparing your order. Visit Downloads to access these templates.

Accepted Files
Prepare your work for printing by saving high-quality JPEG files with an embedded color profile.

  • Export files tagged with an RGB Color Profile—P3, Adobe RGB, and sRGB are all great options.
  • We recommend saving your files at a JPEG quality of 10 or higher in Photoshop, 90% in Lightroom, or the equivalent in your editing tool.
  • Most products are printed at 300 DPI, and we’ll automatically resize your files for printing. For more precise control, you can resize your files and apply any sharpening before submitting.

Lid Engraving File Prep
For engraving, your final design should be solid black on a white background. The black areas will be engraved, and white will display the natural wood surface. Text or simpler designs tend to produce the best results.

Files used for engraving should be at least 1200 PPI. We recommend using our sizing templates to prepare your final file.

Wood Box Design Templates
We offer a selection of PSD templates you can download and customize for many occasions.

Create a one-of-a-kind heirloom for your clients with our highly customizable maple wood boxes.

Deliver a beautiful, natural presentation by providing Proofs, mounted or matted Photographic Prints, or a Wood USB Drive in a custom Wood Box. Each Wood Box is built to perfection and allows you to print on the lid or engrave it from edge to edge. The beauty of the grain comes through the lighter colors of your printed image giving it a warm finish.

You can also engrave the back of the lid and false bottom to further personalize the box with special messages or to include your branding. Then complete the package by adding a wood display stand for the perfect way to show off your finished prints!


Wallet, 4×6", 5×7" Boxes


Available in two depths based on number of prints, except wallet size

Cover Types

Printed or engraved custom lid designs

Print Surfaces

Add Lustre Photographic Prints

Mounting Options

Styrene Mounted or 5x7" Matted Prints

Available in three popular sizes and two depth options for prints.

  • Our 4×6" and 5×7" Wood Boxes are available in 2 depths to fit your needs. One holds 200 loose prints or 15 mounted prints, and the other 350 loose or 25 mounted.
  • Our smallest Wood Box is the perfect size to store up to 80 wallet prints. Also, fits an engraved Wood USB drive, visit Wood USB Boxes to learn more.
Wood Box depth comparison
Printed lid wallet size Wood Box

Make each box unique by selecting an image or custom design for the lid to match the prints inside, and add optional engraving with a special message or name to either side of the lid.

Multiple Wood Boxes

Printed Lid


Personalize the slide-off lid with your favorite image or your studio branding. Your printed images or design will show off the beautiful wood grain appearance through areas with lighter colors giving it a warm finish.

Create your own customize design or start from one of our editable PSD templates.

Lid Engraving


Include optional engraving on either side of the lid to further personalize your Wood Box.

Create your own customize design or start from one of our editable PSD templates.

4×6 printed lid Wood Box with engraved false bottom

False Bottoms


False bottoms include two notches for easy removal and can also be personally engraved.

Include a false bottom in order to customize the area below your prints, or as a riser to separate the prints from a Wood USB Drive.

This option is not available for the wallet box size.

Complete the package and offer ways for your clients to display their prints outside the box.

Pattern engraved Wood USB Drive

Wood USB Drive


Deliver files on a Wood USB Drive in any of our Wood Box sizes. Each box ordered with a drive includes crinkle paper filler to give your packaging that finishing touch.

  • Available in 8GB and 16GB sizes
  • With custom engraving on one or both sides of the drive, you can personalize one side for your client while including your branding on the other.
  • Add a false bottom to create separate storage spaces for USB drives and prints.

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Wood Display Stands


Include a Wood Display Stand to show off your favorite mounted or matted photo prints or keep it hidden below the false bottom, in fact, you can order as many display stands as you like!

Sizes: 4", 5", 6", and 8"
Wood Type: Maple, Bamboo, Walnut

Lustre Photographic Paper Surface
Best Seller

Lustre Paper

A semi-gloss paper with vibrant colors, sharp details, and excellent skin tones. Surface appears and feels smooth with soft texture that helps reduce fingerprint marks.


242 gsm



Photographic Papers

True photographic prints trusted by professional photographers around the world for color accuracy and quality.

Styrene Mounted Prints


Prints are mounted on 3mm black or white styrene—our most popular mounting substrate. Made from plastic, it is not susceptible to warping.

Matted Prints


Choose from a single or double mat in white or black for a complete matted print look. Available for 5×7" prints only.

Wood Boxes
Wallet/USB Wood Box With Printed Lid $32.75
With Engraved Lid 36.50
Back of Lid Engraving + 6.75
4×6 Wood Box
2" box depth
Printed Lid 55.50
Engraved Lid 60.25
Back of Lid Engraving + 9.50
4×6 Wood Box
4" box depth
Printed Lid 64.50
Engraved Lid 69.25
Back of Lid Engraving + 9.50
5×7 Wood Box
2" box depth
Printed Lid 62.50
Engraved Lid 67.50
Back of Lid Engraving + 9.50
5×7 Wood Box
4" box depth
Printed Lid 71.00
Engraved Lid 76.00
Back of Lid Engraving + 9.50
Additional Options

*False Bottoms not available for the wallet size Wood Boxes

Wood False Bottom* $4.25
Wood False Bottom with Engraving 12.50
Wood Display Stands 1.00/ea
Wood USB 16GB 23.95
Wood USB Engraving  Add 4.75 for one side
7.00 for two sides
Prints Mounted on 3mm White or Black Styrene
Print Size Lustre
4×6 $5.29
5×7 8.69
Matted Prints

Available for 5×7" Wood Boxes only.

Mat Size Lustre
5×7 $10.99