Custom Debossing

Turn your logo or a unique cover design for a client into a custom die to deboss on one or several covers.

We take a file of your logo, a specific branding element, or bespoke cover design to create a custom die to deboss on the cover of your Album or Book. The die is kept in-house and can be used on any orders selected to receive custom debossing. Custom debossing is an additional $15 per stamp, with a one-time setup fee to have the die made. New custom dies include an average lead time of 2 weeks.

Create a Custom Die

  1. Prep your custom artwork file. We request that the file be black and white and not include any texture. A PDF of the artwork is preferred, and vectorized files give the best results.
  2. Complete the custom debossing file submission form linked below and include your design file.
  3. After the file is submitted, an estimated cost for setup, handling, and creation of die will be given. Quotes for custom debossing will take 1–4 business days.
  4. Dies will take approximately one week to create and to file with our production team.

Custom Die Submission Form

Add to Orders

Follow these steps to apply your custom debossing design to an Album or Book order.

Placing an order via ROES

To order debossing with your custom die, simply select the “Custom Die” or “Logo Die on File” checkbox provided in ROES.

Placing an order online or from a Studio Project

Add a note in the special instructions box during checkout to have custom debossing added to your Album or Book. Please indicate if it is a die on file, such as your studio logo, or a single-use custom die along with the debossing style and location. The additional charge will not appear as part of the online checkout but will be reflected in your final invoice.

Debossing Locations

Debossing with a custom die is currently available in multiple locations.

Front cover:

  • Center, center
  • Lower, center
  • Lower, right corner

Back cover:

  • Lower, center

Front inside cover, right or left side:

  • Center, center
  • Lower, center

Back inside cover, right or left side:

  • Center, center
  • Lower, center

Debossing Styles & Material Limitations

Explore our Debossing Guidelines to learn about our debossing styles and their limitations based on your material selection.