Custom Debossing

Turn your logo or a unique cover design for a client into a custom die to deboss on one or several covers.

To create a custom die, we take a file of your logo, a specific branding element, or a bespoke cover design to make the die. Then your die is kept in-house and can be used on any orders selected to receive custom debossing. Custom debossing is an additional $15 per stamp, with a one-time setup fee to make the die. Creating new dies has an average lead time of 1-2 weeks.

Current pricing for custom die creation is as follows:

  • $36 for sizes up to 1.25×3
  • $41 for sizes up to 2×3
  • $46 for sizes up to 2×4.5

Anything larger and up to 4×6 will be quoted.

All pricing listed above does not include tax.

How to Order Your Die

First, you will need to determine what type of die you need. There are two types to choose from based on your project's needs.

Multi-Use Custom Die, Keep On File: This is for any die you wish to keep on file with production. Common use cases include your logo, branding designs, or anything you plan to use multiple times. Once on file, this die is applied to orders where you select "Multi-Use Custom Die" in the ordering software.

Single Use Custom Die, One Time Client Project: Select this type of die when you need a one-time use design for a single album, book, or a specific client project.

Once you know what type of die you need, follow these steps to order your die:

  1. Prep your custom artwork file. A file type of AI, PDF, SVG, or EPS of the artwork is preferred, and vectorized is needed to give the best results. We request the file elements that are being stamped be black on a white background and without any texture.
  2. Complete the custom debossing submission form linked below and include your design file.
  3. After submitting the form, your file will be reviewed and your order placed. Our customer service team will contact you if there are any questions about your file or request.
  4. Dies will take approximately 1-2 weeks to create and file with our production team.

    Custom Die Submission Form

    How to Add Die to Orders

    Follow these steps to apply your custom debossing die to any Album or Book order:

    Placing an order via ROES

    Choose the cover's front or back debossing option, then select the "Multi Use Custom Die" or "Single Use Custom Die*" checkbox under the Font section. Be sure to choose a location and color as well.

    Placing an order online or from a Studio Project

    Choose the Front Custom Die or Back Custom Die options under the debossing section for the cover, then select "Multi Use Custom Die" or "Single Use Custom Die*." Be sure to choose a location and color as well.

    *Whenever selecting a Single Use die, be sure to include a note in your special instructions giving the design details so we can be sure to use the correct one.

    To use a custom die on the endleaves instead of the cover, place a note in your special instructions listing the exact location, color, and die.

    Debossing Locations

    Debossing with a custom die is currently available in multiple locations.

    Front cover:

    • Center, center
    • Lower, center
    • Lower, right corner

    Back cover:

    • Lower, center

    Front inside cover, right or left side:*

    • Center, center
    • Lower, center

    Back inside cover, right or left side:*

    • Center, center
    • Lower, center

    *This option is only available for custom debossing with Album or Layflat Book orders.

    Debossing Styles & Material Limitations

    Explore our Debossing Guidelines to learn about our debossing styles and their limitations based on your material selection.