Ordering Tips & Reminders

Press Printed Card Quantities

  • Cards are available in packs of 25. A quantity of 1 is 25 cards; a quantity of 2 is 50 cards, etc.
  • Your quantity of cards is ordered in the Qty box beside the paper type chosen (lower left panel of ROES).

Sizing Files

It's important to use our free sizing templates for our Card Products, Image Blocks, Books + Albums, Boxes + Cases, and some of our other products such as Address Labels, Image Folios, Printed DVDs, Image Cubes, and USB Drives.

Press Printed Card Safe Lines

  • The safe line in ROES is not the cut line for the cards.
  • Cards will be cut between the safe line and the edge of the file.
  • Anything inside the safe line will print. Anything outside may or may not print.
  • Download our PSD Templates to view more detailed instructions. WHCC Downloads

Card Envelopes

  • White envelopes are included with 4x5.5", 4x8", 5x5", and 5x7" Press Printed Greeting Card and Boutique Card orders, both flat and folded styles.
  • Upgrade the envelopes to one of our additional premium envelope options for a small fee per pack of 25 cards.
  • Envelope printing, including return addresses and designs, is available on select 5x7" envelopes for a small fee per pack of 25 cards.
  • Keep in mind that we do not offer envelopes for the following Press Printed Greeting Cards, Boutique Cards, and Postcards sizes: 2x3.5", 3x3", 5x10", 5.5x11", and 8x10".

Order Special Instructions

  • Special instructions or notes on orders can delay them by at least one day.
  • Review your order carefully before submitting it.
  • If you have a time constraint on your order, please contact customer service directly rather than adding special instructions in ROES. Special instructions added in ROES will route your order through a delayed path so that the notes can be carefully reviewed.
  • Only use the instructions field for pertinent information to your order such as trimming instructions.

Your Shipping Address & Credit Card

  • Make sure your most current shipping address is on file with us before you place orders.
  • Keep your credit card information current so your orders are not delayed.
  • Update your shipping address and credit card information online by logging into your account and viewing the Account Info page.

Review Order in ROES

  • Look over all of the items you've ordered in the Checkout Screen in ROES before you actually place the order.
  • Have you ordered the correct paper type? The correct finishing services? The correct quantities?
  • Check the cost of the order. Is it what you're expecting to pay for what you've ordered?
  • Once again, remember that Press Printed Cards and Boutique Cards come in packs of 25 cards. If you need 100 cards, order a quantity of 4.

Drop Shipping an Order

  • To drop ship an order to an address other than the address listed on your account, select the appropriate drop ship method for the appropriate country - USA, Canada, or International.
  • It's extremely important that each address field is completed correctly.
  • Failure to complete the address correctly can result in the order being delayed and not delivered on the date expected.
  • Note that separate orders getting drop shipped to the same address cannot be combined. The drop ship fee will apply to each order being drop shipped regardless of the address it's getting shipped to.

Photo Greetings

  • Photo Greetings are one-sided photographic prints that come with envelopes with upgrades to premium envelopes available.
  • We recommend placing Photo Greetings on a separate order, without normal photo prints, so you receive your Photo Greetings and normal prints faster.
  • Photo Greetings and normal photo prints on the same order take an extra day in the lab.

Do you accept Film?

We no longer accept film. We are 100% digital.