U.S. Territories

Shipping to the United States Territories

2023 Drop Shipping Surcharges

Updated 10/16/2023

Due to FedEx, UPS, and USPS surcharges, we are applying a $2.00 surcharge to drop ship orders received between November 18 and December 26, 2023. Orders shipping back to your studio address on-file will not incur any Peak Season Surcharge this year.

Surcharge Amount Orders received on
Drop Ship

Regularly $7.95, now $9.95

Nov 18, 2023 – Dec 26, 2023

Studio Shipping

  • Shipped using USPS Priority Mail
  • Use the USPS Postage Calculator for estimates
  • Size and weight limitations do exist, please contact us for specifics

Drop Shipping

Shipping direct to your client (Drop Shipping)

  • Shipping your order to an address other than the address on file for your account is called drop shipping and is available for $7.95 per order plus 100% of the postage expense
  • No invoice will be included and there is no mention of WHCC anywhere on the box or paperwork


Shipping upgrades are not available.