Wall Collages

Make beautiful custom wall collages to help clients visualize their images in their home.

Adding Products

Add images to your wall sing a drag and drop process. Follow the steps below to get started.

Drag and drop your image of choice into the wall.
Use the product menu to select the product you want to work with.

Adjusting Products

Size and product selection can be adjusted from the menu that appears after you add your first product.

Adjust your size by dragging one of the four corners, or by using the size menu.
Adjust your crop by tapping the Crop tool and pinching or expanding your image within the product using two fingers.
Save your crop before exiting.


Snap-To guides will help you line up your collages and the grid that appears when you add or move new products will help you estimate spacing.

Drag another image up and use the snap guides to center it with your existing product.
Add three to make a collage, or more!