Approving Orders

How to send approved orders into production.

Products & Pricing

You can set your card sales up a few different ways.

1. The first is the Auto-submit option which allows orders placed by your clients to go directly into production. There is a 2 hour delay to allow time for changes, but without any interception, orders will begin processing automatically.

2. The second is the Hold Orders option, which will hold any orders placed by your clients until you personally approve them.

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Full Studio Set Up

To review your Studio profile set up and customize these settings, visit the link below.

Studio Set Up

Approve Orders

If you have all orders set to hold for approval, once your client submits their order, your approval process is quick and easy!

The card will show a small Needs Approval flag when you are in your project.
When you click on the card, you will see an Approve Client Order button, or a cancel option.