Hands On Card Sales — The Pilot

Guide your clients through their card purchase, every step of the way.

Being the Pilot means that you are in control of every step of your sales process. This method is a perfect fit if personal attention and careful guidance are cornerstones of your business model.

You will create designs that are thoughtfully personalized to match your clients desires and share proofs with them through unbranded links so that they can review and approve their order. Invoicing and payment should still be handled through your normal process outside of Studio, and you will use your Projects to stay organized and submit final orders.

With this method you do not need to concern yourself with your Studio Settings as your client will only be interacting with one of the built in collaboration tools, the Share Proof tool.

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The Partner

Create A Project

To begin you will go to your Projects and create a new project for your client.

Select "New Project" to begin.
Name your new project.
Upload files to your project gallery.

Choose a Card

Once your project is made you are ready to create some card designs.
From your Project you can explore various card collections, choose a
card, and get to work. You will customize cards and save them to your Project for easy sharing later.

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Decision Fatigue?

If youre feeling overwhelmed consider making a collection of your favorites to narrow things down.

Card Collections
From inside your project, select the Card occasion you want from the bottom of the page or from the Products menu below your gallery.
Select the card design you want to work with from the grid of cards.

Design a Card

When customizing a design you will have the ability to select everything from the paper type to the font to the color to the shape. This is your opportunity to wow your client by selecting a design that compliments the images they've chosen and adding their preferred customization, so that the proof you send them is easy to fall in love with.

Add images to the front and choose your preferred color, foil, shape, and copy.
Customize the back of your card with imagery and your client's personal message.
Choose an envelope and add Return Address Printing to make your client's life easier.

Save Your Card

Once you are finished personalizing your design, click Save to Project.

Sharing Proofs

Once you are finished with your design you are ready to share it with your client. The proof your client will receive will show the front and back of the design you made, including all of the personal touches you added.

Back inside your project you will now see the card as a saved product. Click the design you want to share.
Click the Share Proof button in the card window that opens to get your unbranded URL.

What Your Client See's

Below is an example of what your client will see when you send them their proof.