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BennyAni Photography Studio Makeover

Watch how Marggie elevates her business formula for her newborn, maternity, and family clients!

WHCC 2022 Benny Ani Studio Makeover Portraits 26

Put Your Business Growth In Focus!

Discover how we transformed a luxury portrait studio in downtown Lakeville, MN, with an impactful gallery entrance celebrating each phase of newborn beginnings. Follow our collaboration with Marggie Duncan of BennyAni Photography to introduce a new sales formula.

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    Episode 1: Meet the Studio

    We worked with Marggie from BennyAni Photography to redesign her second-floor studio and update her business formula for success. Marggie's experience as a labor nurse shines as she captures precious early moments, from maternity shoots to adorable first birthday cake smashes, and brings these memories to life with an awe-inspiring gallery entranceway. Watch to see how this pint-sized rooftop studio offers a picture-perfect experience.

    Episode 2: Lights, Camera, Reveal

    In this before-and-after installation video, see how each wall grouping captures the unforgettable stages of a baby's new world. Explore the impressive, interchangeable wall collages that blend functionality with emotion and uncover the meaningful print clusters guaranteed to leave a lasting impression on clients.

    Episode 3: Words That Win!

    Join Marggie as she shares her first impressions of her thoughtfully redesigned studio! Discover how each storytelling wall illuminates precious milestones, creating a charming, memory-filled space.

    Episode 4: A Successful Business Formula

    In the final episode of BennyAni Photography’s Studio Makeover series, Marggie shares her journey of embracing her unique style and celebrating her achievements. Get valuable tips on mastering sessions with the most unpredictable client – a newborn!

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