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Seasons Photography Studio Makeover

We traveled to Rice Lake, Wisconsin, to help Vicky redesign her in-home Studio!

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An In-Home Studio Redesign Roadtrip you will Love

Follow along on our first makeover! We used our very own Studio software to build brand new wall layouts, design studio samples, and create a brand-worthy environment for an ultimate in-person sales experience.

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    Episode 1: If Walls Could Talk

    Get to know Vicky and see how she has adapted her brand over the last year and a half to be a sustainable business known for selling portraits to hang on her clients' walls.

    Watch as we navigate through her remodel, discuss modernizing your business's branding, the importance of updating your studio samples, tips for creating a comfortable sales area, and using WHCC products to inspire every client that enters your space.

    Episode 2: Setting Your Studio Apart

    Vicky sits down with Matt Hodgman, WHCC’s Client Success Manager, to discuss how she evolved from print photographer + selling digital files to selling full wall collages and finished products. Hear her comprehensive business plan on how she is ready to become successful as a sustainable, product-based studio.

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