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The Pod Photography Studio Makeover

We flew to L.A. to help Erika reimagine her walls at The Pod Photography.

Studio Makeover The Pod Photography Los Angeles, California

A Light & Bright Redesign

See how we transformed this luxury portrait photography studio in the heart of Los Angeles. Watch as this natural light space comes to life with eye-catching WHCC product choices. Follow along as our team works with Erika Clark of The Pod Photography to bring new life to her studio space!

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    Episode 1: A Curated Studio Experience

    We worked alongside baby, maternity, and family photographer Erika Clark to create engaging and luxurious wall layouts in her bustling studio space. Hear how we redesigned her walkways to inspire clients and maximize her studio’s sales potential!

    Studio Tips

    1. See your studio through their eyes

    Walk in your client's footsteps to see what they see. The atmosphere of your studio can play a significant role in how your clients feel during their photoshoots.

    2. Keep in-studio samples updated

    Showcase new products that you are excited to show and keep samples fresh. Make sure your studio is well-lit, clean, and organized — allow your samples to be the center of attention!

    3. Merchandise for Success!

    Be thoughtful about the placement of your gallery displays and tabletop samples. Find areas within your studio that can be relatable to client home interiors.

    Episode 2: Lights, Camera, Reveal

    Watch the design and installation come to life with natural light as the inspiration. See how specific display choices were made with the client’s living spaces in mind. Discover wall collages you may have never thought of selling before and get inspiration from Erika’s unique print clusters that will impact clients.

    Studio Tips

    1. Create a favorite images folder

    Start a curated folder of your favorite images, so you are not overwhelmed by the process. Therefore you won’t need to dig through image folders later to find the right image to share to social media, emails, etc.!

    2. Keep permissions & contracts up to date

    Make sure to get model releases signed by your clients, so you have their permission to display their images in the studio and online.

    3. Choose products you'd like to sell

    Design with photography in mind. Choose the color and textures of your sample pieces to fit your style. Arrange furniture appropriately so your clients can visualize your art in their spaces.

      Episode 3: Building a Profitable Product Line

      Erika offers a customer experience like no other! See the thought process behind her wall display choices and how first impressions have inspired every sale.

      Studio Tips

      1. Know your spaces

      Create a gallery space to showcase your style and sessions. Have a sales space to show physical products available for sale.

      2. Keep it simple

      Your product line should be simple to help streamline your sales appointments.

      3. Generate excitement

      Signature items or off-menu items create excitement. Don't be afraid to try new offerings as a limited edition or VIP product line.

        Episode 4: Sales Room Secrets Revealed

        Matt, our Client Success Manager, sits with Erika in her brand-new sales room. Erika gets a new perspective from where clients will sit in the sales process and shares how this new viewpoint inspired her updated sales process.

        Studio Tips

        1. Utilize the Studio For iPad Wall Builder

        Selling groupings with room views is necessary for successful sales. Using the WHCC app with a pre-loaded room is excellent, but having images of your client's rooms is better.

        2. You have to show it to sell it

        Have large physical examples of products to show in person.

        3. Organization is key!

        Organize your sales sessions to sell wall groupings and wall decor first. Then, ask direct questions to get immediate and truthful answers.

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