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Make It Merry

This holiday, let’s join together to create the things that bring us the most joy and add a little extra sparkle to the season. Fill up on holiday cheer, find your favorite products, and check your lists off earlier.

Products of the Season

Acrylic Prints Holiday Cards Framed Prints Bamboo Ornaments Acrylic Blocks Gallery Wraps Layflat Books Metal Prints
WHCC May 2023 Richfield House Shoot Framed Acrylic Print with White Frame

Acrylic Prints

Product Offering

Acrylic Prints are heavier and have more of a luxurious look with their thickness and dimension. Printed with inkjet glossy fine art paper and face-mounted to ¼" crystal clear acrylic, your client’s images will shine.

Order Acrylic Prints
Great For Indoor and outdoor portraiture including weddings, children & families, high school seniors, even landscapes
Price Range $$-$$$
Style Trendy, Modern, Contemporary
Pairs With Acrylic Blocks Layflat Books
WHCC Historic Charm Framed Acrylic white framed acrylic corner detail framed acrylic edge

Make It Merry by Adding a Frame

Display your images with one of our new white or black framing options! The front of the Acrylic Print rests elegantly above the edge of the frame for a contemporary finish.

WHCC 2023 Merry X3 Card GRID

Holiday Cards

Product Offering

Creating holiday cards can be easy— especially this holiday season! Personalize a card for every client in minutes with over 300 unique drag-and-drop designs.

Shop Holiday Cards
Great For Let your clients market for you! Every card your client mails can include your business name or website, making it easy for you to expand your network of possible future customers.
How to Sell We have several tools for selling cards, including Studio, Direct Ordering, and Partner Galleries.
What’s Trending Try our new Press Paper Premium Matte Eggshell paired with a modern Foil Design and Premium Euro-flap Printed Envelopes.
Pairs With Designer Acrylic Blocks Holiday Bamboo Ornaments
ARTICLE Mohawk Card botanical frame

Ways to Sell Cards

Make Card sales simple with our top 3 workflows to boost holiday earnings.

Social media mockup how to

Social Media Mockups

Use our free mockups to share directly with clients, promote on Instagram, and more.

WHCC June2023 Holiday Cards Grid

Learn More With Card Videos

Check out our most popular YouTube videos related to Cards.

WHCC 9723 Studio Cards Shoot 61

Add-On Designer Products

Turn Holiday Card sales into a matching Acrylic Block or Bamboo Ornament.

WHCC 2023 Holiday 4 up Woodland Walnut Frames with thick mat 4 up frames Framed Prints 16x16 frame

Framed Prints

Product Offering
Gift Idea

Our high-quality mouldings and various print surfaces highlight every detail, creating a personalized product for your clients.

Order Framed Prints
Great For All portrait sessions indoor and outdoor
Price Range $-$$$
Style Classic, Traditional, Elegant, Modern
Pairs With Framed Tabletop Prints Bamboo Ornaments Acrylic Blocks Layflat Books
WHCC 2023 Holiday 4 up Woodland Walnut Frames with thick mat 4 up frames Framed Prints 1 8in mat detail

Make It Merry by Adding a Mat

We love the look of the ⅛" thick mat. No matter the style you prefer, we have a variety of mat options to elevate your images for a classic display. By adding a mat, you can help draw attention to your client’s Framed Prints.

WHCC Holiday 2023 Nicole Gramercy Frame with Ribbon Holiday Gifts

Gift a Frame with Our Framed Tabletop Prints

Taking the love of Framed Prints and making them desk-sized. Framed Tabletop Prints are the perfect gift and can fit anywhere in the home. Choose an easel back for a desktop display or a hanging option to enjoy in small spaces.

WHCC Holiday 2023 holiday gifts bamboo ornaments with design joy ornament red ribbon sdie by side front and back

Bamboo Ornaments

Gift Idea

Create a holiday tradition with a Lustre or Deep Matte Photo Print mounted to a ¾" thick piece of bamboo. These Ornaments are double-sided and just under 3×3" in size, providing plenty of room for personalization.

Order Bamboo Ornaments
Great For Ornaments commemorate any occasion your clients hired you to capture — their engagement, wedding, senior year, new baby, or annual family photo session.
Price Range $
Style Traditional, Natural, Trendy
Pairs With Holiday Cards Accordion Mini Books Framed Tabletop Prints Standouts
WHCC Holiday 2023 Gramercy Frame Holiday Gifts Make it Merry

Make It Merry by Personalizing with a Festive Design

With over 40 pre-made Bamboo Ornament designs, you can turn your client’s memories into a holiday keepsake that even matches their holiday card. All you have to do is choose your favorite design, edit the text, and drop in your images!

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Other Ornament Styles

We’ve got more fun ways to trim the tree! In addition to Bamboo, we also offer Wood and Metal Ornaments. Both styles include various shape options and are also double-sided, providing customization options for every client.

Holiday Acrylic Blocks 5x7 and 4x4 Acrylic Blocks Falalala Engraving Holiday Gifting

Acrylic Blocks

Gift Idea
Product Offering

Acrylic Blocks are the perfect addition to any desktop, table, or shelf with its 1" depth, and are a great option for holiday gifting. Acrylic Blocks provide dynamic imagery with its stunning Fine Art Glossy paper combined with clear acrylic.

Order Acrylic Blocks
Great For Holiday-themed family portraits, wedding, high school senior, children, and pets
Price Range $-$$
Style Trendy, Modern, Contemporary
Pairs With Acrylic Prints Framed Prints Bamboo Ornaments Metal Prints
WHCC 2023 Holiday House Shoot Fall Acrylic Block with engraving believe engraving 5x7 acrylic block on end table little boys with santa

Make It Merry with Engraving

Add holiday flair with our engraving options for 5×7" blocks! Choose your desired image, then simply select your engraving choice, and your client's merriest memories of the year will become a festive keepsake.

WHCC Holiday 2023 Layflat Book Combo Cover with Navy Silk Fabric

Layflat Books

Product Offering

Create the perfect photo book with impact. Layflat Books are handmade using the same methods as our heirloom Album and are well-rounded for any photo event, including the holiday family session.

Design and Order Layflat Books
Great For A way to sell multiple images to your client, printed on high-end papers and bound as a timeless book.
What’s Trending Combo Cover 8×10" Books printed with Photo Lustre paper
Price Range $$-$$$
Pairs With Bamboo Ornaments Albums Accordion Mini Books
Northfield House Shoot Holiday 2022 Day 2 Finals 0117

Design and Order Online

Design and create beautiful Layflat Books without leaving your browser window. Designing is quick and easy. Upload your client's files, select the perfect cover style to match their images, and create layouts in seconds.

WHCC Holiday Holiday 2023 Accordion Mini Book Calendar Web 51

Pair Your Book with Accordion Mini Books

These pocket-sized Mini Books have up to 14 customizable panels for clients to gift fun memories to their loved ones. Available in 2½×3½" wallet and 3×3" square sizes, we also offer free design templates to get you started.

Engagement portrait high gloss Metal Print above bed with holiday wreath styling in bedroom

Metal Prints

Product Offering

Create that fun, attention-grabbing display that reflects your style. Metal Prints are printed on a lightweight aluminum panel with color-quality beyond what you can imagine, providing a modern and slim alternative to brighten up any space.

Order Metal Prints
Great For Contemporary portraits, pets, landscapes, and more.
Price Range $-$$$
Style Sleek, Modern
WHCC 2023 Holiday House Shoot Fall Metal tabletop print Metal easel back engagement photo holiday gift on nightstand

Make It Merry with a Complementary Metal Tabletop Print

Give clients a small Metal Print with an easel back that they can enjoy elsewhere. While large Metal Prints make a big impression on the wall, Metal Tabletop Prints bring attention to other areas of the room. Available for sizes 4×6" to 10×10".

More tips and resources to make this holiday season the best one yet

WHCC 9723 Studio Cards Shoot 41 V2 2

Design and Order Cards in Minutes!

Create 5×7" cards by using our exclusive design tool.

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Our 5 Favorite Client Gifts for the Holidays

Say thanks with these last-minute gift ideas that are all under $60.

ARTICLE suite life Foil Holiday 2023

Elevate Your Holiday Offerings with Design Suites

Easily offer add-on products that match your client's holiday Cards with our new design suites.

ARTICLE mockups tools to help sell holiday cards

How to Use Our Card Marketing Mockups

Learn how you can feature and share your favorite images in our free, social media Holiday Card mockups.

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Get Our Holiday Card Sales Digital Toolkit

Discover new unbranded marketing resources to help you sell Holiday Cards this season.