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NP Design & Photography Studio Makeover

The journey of transforming Nate & Teresa Peterson’s historic New Richmond, WI portrait photography studio to achieve their goals.

Nate & Teresa Peterson at desk before their photography studio makeover

You're Going to Love this Studio Makeover Story

Follow along from concept to completion to learn about the redesign process, listen to interviews, and see how WHCC products were used while our team worked together with Nate & Teresa Peterson of NP Design to makeover their studio space.

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    Episode 1: Meet the Studio

    Get to know NP Design and the wonderful owners, Nate & Teresa Peterson. Hear the unique history of their studio, first impressions of the makeover, preparations for the space, and all the reasons why they were ready for a change.

    Sit down with our Client Success Manager and Expert Interior designer, Matt Hodgman as Nate & Teresa reimagine spaces, unveil their business goals, and reasons they chose specific WHCC products.

    Episode 2: Impact Through Simplicity

    With a strong product focus in their studio over the last 14 years, how can Nate & Teresa move the needle, creating a larger sales average which ultimately increases their bottom line year over year? It’s simple, sell the groupings that they love!

    Go in-depth with Nate & Matt in the salesroom at NP Design, and learn their design thought process to maximize the“real estate” in Nate’s favorite room, the studio.

    Episode 3: An Evolving Sales Experience

    During the process, Nate and Teresa discover the importance of “selling what you show, period.” Matt and Nate sit down and discuss every aspect of their business, from selling the products on display to selling the whole experience.

    Episode 4: High Traffic Zones

    There are multiple spaces in every studio where clients spend more than 50% of their time. Whether it’s a dressing room for their outfit changes, a hallway they may frequently pass through, or even an entryway where they get their first impressions. High traffic zones should be one of the main focus areas when redesigning your studio space.

    Episode 5: The Calm Before the Storm

    All of the WHCC product has arrived at the studio, causing an overload of excitement! Nate and Teresa sit down with Matt in a ‘calm before the storm’ interview. Discover all of the steps they took on their remodeling journey and how they found their purpose in their remodeling process.

    Episode 6: Lights, Camera, Reveal!

    Sit back, relax and watch as we rework spaces alongside Nate & Teresa in this full makeover video! Every product grouping was chosen to create the biggest impact possible while offering clients an opportunity to visualize these very products in their own homes. Discover inspirational styles you may have never thought of selling before and see why people will swoon over them.

    Episode 7: Sell What You Show

    First impressions are everything! Nate and Teresa give a sigh of relief as they take in the completion of their epic studio makeover. Take a walk through each area to see how showcasing specific wall groupings can ease your client's minds while creating a budget-conscious display.

    Episode 8: Offering the Grand Experience

    In the final episodes of our Studio Makeover series, Nate, Teresa, and our Client Success Manager, Matt, show off their favorite new wall layouts and break down the most pivotal moments in the redesign process.

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