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The Benefits of Mounting Your Prints

Create lasting memories by beautifully mounting your Photo or Fine Art Prints.

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With memorable photos, you need the confidence of knowing that your client's investments will last a lifetime. Mounting helps reduce the possibility of prints changing from the elements and ensures there is no creasing or bending of your images. Plus, you will be able to preserve a long-lasting memory that they will cherish for generations to come.

Inform your clients that you offer a unique service providing them with a tangible keepsake that goes beyond loose prints.

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Extend the Life of Your Work

Your clients appreciate the time and effort you put into their images. Why not take the extra step and provide them with a professionally mounted look without a huge added expense?

Here are a few of the many benefits of mounting your Photo or Fine Art Prints:

  • It makes prints more resilient to environmental factors like climate and storage conditions
  • It adds visual weight and allows you to communicate an artistic impression
  • It leaves an impact on your clients

Enhance your professional image by taking a step beyond providing your clients with loose prints!

Get Started

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3mm White Styrene, 3mm Black Styrene

Popular Mounting Options

Our Photo and Fine Art Prints can be mounted on a variety of substrates. For larger prints, we recommend using rigid plastic like styrene, Standout, or even framing your prints.

When you’re working with smaller print sizes, around 11×14" or smaller, you’ll be able to use any type of mounting that supports your final artistic vision. Here are a few of our favorite mounting solutions:

  • Matboard: a fiber-based, dry mount board recommended for smaller size prints
  • Styrene: our most popular mounting substrate, available in 3mm white and black
  • Foamboard: ¼" foam with a plastic shell available in white and black, a perfect lightweight solution

Professionally mount your prints without fuss. Simply check the button of the substrate you prefer when you are ordering your prints, and we will take care of the rest.

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Slip-in Mats for square Photographic Prints

Prefer the look of a mat?

If you prefer the look of matted prints versus mounted prints, you can consider our Slip-in Mats. They allow you to present professional images to your clients for an image reveal session or as a more modest display option. We offer 7 size options sold in sets of five.