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Image Box

The Perfect Presentation

Score major presentation points with Image Boxes! They offer a unique way to display your images and a stylish method of preserving them. Image Boxes come in a variety of sizes to perfectly hold your Album, Proofs, or Mounted Photographic Prints with or without matting. Enhance the elegance of your Wedding Album. Add Matting to your Family portraits and present them in an Image Box for a classy and professional finished product. Present your clients with Proofs from their Engagement, Family, Senior, and Newborn sessions in an Image Box for an exciting first look.

With several Fabric and Leather Cover options, or a Custom Photo Cover design, Image Boxes look great in any setting and with any décor. Display an Image Box with photos of your wedding, favorite vacation, or grandchildren for a personalized centerpiece and instant conversation starter. Image Boxes make perfect gifts that are beautiful, personal, and leave a lasting impression.

With tons of optional add-ons, including an inside Image Panel, an elastic band closure, a Metal Display Easel and more, Image Boxes can be perfectly customized to fit your style and needs.


Customize Your Image Box

Photographic Prints or Proofs

Image Boxes are the ideal way to present Proofs. Professional and fun, a personalized Image Box emphasizes the value of what’s inside. Accent your Proofs with texture for added effect.

Image Boxes can be ordered with Mounted Photographic Prints inside. Prints are mounted on 2mm black or white styrene. Choose Lustre or Metallic Photographic Paper or mix and match. Add Lustre coating, texture, or both. For an even more impressive presentation, upgrade to Matted Photo Prints by adding a White, Black, Blue, Brown, Cream, Dark Green, or Light Green mat to your Mounted Prints.

Image Boxes come in a variety of sizes and depths to fit different amounts of Proofs or Mounted Photographic Prints.


Our award-winning Albums dazzle on their own. Increase the wow factor of your Album by delivering it in an Image Box. Not only do they look beautiful and professional, Image Boxes offer long-term protection for your Album. Image Boxes can be ordered to fit a 6x6”, 8x8”, 10x10”, or 12x12” Album. The same size boxes will also hold up to 20 Mounted Prints or 12 Matted Prints.


Make your box as one-of-a-kind as the images it contains. Choose from our collection of premium leathers and fabrics. Create a Custom Photo Cover and design the front, spine, and back of your Image Box.

More Features

An Inside Image Panel adds visual appeal when the box is opened. Any image or design you create can be featured on the inside lid opposite the cover. Risers are a great addition to Image Boxes with thinner albums or smaller quantities of prints. They help custom fit your box for the product it holds. A CD/DVD insert can be placed in the bottom of your Image Box. Deliver your images on a custom Printed DVD along with your Image Box and photo products. Add a closure to the box to finish the look. A black elastic band stretches around a black post to keep your box closed tight. Image Boxes can now be ordered with a 5”, 9”, or 13” Metal Easel to display your Mounted or Matted Prints. Choose your favorite image to display or change it every day, your box is full options!

Custom Photo Covers

  • Lustre Paper with Matte Laminate

    Vibrant colors and excellent skin tones with a slightly textured, matte finish.

  • Metallic Paper with Matte Laminate

    A metallic base adds a slight shimmer and vibrant colors. Slightly textured, matte finish.

  • Sizing Templates Available

    Sizing Templates are available for this product. Visit Downloads to access templates and other resources.

  • Swatch Kits Available

    Want to see our cover materials with your own eyes? Swatch Kits are available for $20 in ROES.

Cover Fabrics & Materials

Ordering Information

ROES Ordering Guide

Find the Image Boxes Catalog in ROES. Then select the tab with the type of Image Box you’d like to order for example: 4x6”, 5x7” or a box to fit an Album. You can also order a Cover Swatch Set through the Album and Book Cover Swatches Catalog. 
Select the Prints or Easel tab to order matted prints, mounted prints, or an optional display easel to your order.  

Be sure to use our Sizing Templates when preparing your order. Visit Downloads to access these templates.

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  • Sizing Templates Available

    Sizing Templates are available for this product. Visit Downloads to access templates and other resources.

  • Swatch Kits Available

    Want to see our cover materials with your own eyes? Swatch Kits are available for $20 in ROES.

Pricing Information


Image Boxes
4x6 Proof Box Holds 100 Loose Prints/10 Mounted Prints $42.50
250 Prints/25 Mounted 45.00
400 Prints/40 Mounted 50.00
800 Prints or 80-4x6 Mounted/40-6x8 Mounted 60.00
5x7 Proof Box 100 Prints/10 Mounted/6 Matted Prints 47.50
250 Prints/25 Mounted/15 Matted 50.00
6x6 Album Box One Album or 20 Mounted/12 Matted Prints 60.00
8x8 Album Box One Album or 20 Mounted/12 Matted 65.00
10x10 Album Box One Album or 20 Mounted/12 Matted 80.00
12x12 Album Box One Album or 20 Mounted/12 Matted 100.00


Prints Mounted on Black or White Styrene
Print Size Lustre Metallic
4x6 $4.00 $4.15
6x8 7.00 7.30
5x7 6.00 6.23
6x6 6.00 6.23
8x8 7.00 7.30
10x10 10.00 10.53
12x12 13.00 13.83


Matted Prints
Mat Size Lustre Metallic
5x7 $10.35 $10.58
6x6 10.35 10.58
8x8 12.65 13.14
10x10 16.60 17.18
12x12 21.35 22.18


Additional Options
Metallic Custom Cover $2.00
Black Fabric Panel with Closure 7.00
Custom Photo Panel with Closure 10.00
Custom Photo Panel (No Closure) 8.00
Riser or CD Insert 3.00
Combo Riser & CD Insert 5.00
5" Metal Display Easel 11.50
9" Metal Display Easel 13.75
13" Metal Display Easel 19.75

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What are the inside dimensions of the Image Boxes?

    A 4x6” Image Box is 4.25x 6.5”. The 5x7” Image Boxes are 5.25x7.5”. Shallow boxes are 1.25” deep and hold approximately 100 prints. Deep boxes are 2.75” deep and hold approximately 250 prints. The 8x8” Image Box is 8.75x8.75x2.25” inside.