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Framed Prints

Enrich your clients' homes with the timeless nature of Framed Prints. Choose from classic print surfaces, various mat options, and over 30 mouldings for any style of session or home.

How to Order

Why you'll love them

All of our frames are built and hand-assembled right here at WHCC. We’ll ship your custom masterpiece to you or your client, ready to be displayed and enjoyed immediately, which means you won’t have to spend precious time with a framer.

Your clients will love them because they are a traditional and timeless way to enjoy a print and can be utilized as a tabletop or wall display.

Get in the spirit of the season with Tara Rochelle

Tara shares the holiday gift she will be offering this year, plus hear how she celebrates the holidays with her family.

Mix and Match to Design a Stunning Wall Collage

Mix and match multiple mouldings for added depth and dimension in your clients’ homes. Pair timeless Gallery Frames with a unique moulding, such as Ashland, Colonial or Woodland. Create a collage with sizes available from 5x7” to 30x40”.

WHCC holiday product for professional photographers
WHCC holiday product for professional photographers

From Modern to Traditional, We Have a Moulding Style For You

Make it modern and stylish, simple and sleek, or make it pop for the holidays with a variety of moulding styles to choose from. Want to stand out this holiday? Make their images shine in a Frosted Gold Metal Frame!

The Perfect Display for Anywhere in the Home

Small Framed Prints are the perfect gift and can fit anywhere in the home. Choose an easel back for a desktop display or a hanging option to enjoy in small spaces.

WHCC holiday product for professional photographers

Tips & Tools to Sell

Framed Prints

Offer frames, or a set of frames, as part of your package offerings. Select which options best fit your imagery + brand, and help your client choose an option that will best complement the images they want to display.

For clients who don’t want to invest in multiple products for a wall collage but also can’t pick a single image from their session, suggest a Framed Print with a multi-opening mat.

Resources to make the sale

Start With the Perfect Message

Need help reaching out to your clients this holiday season? Just copy and paste the following messages to email your client list or share with your followers.

Social Media Post

Email Sales Copy Template

Help Your Clients Picture the Product

Download our free marketing images to include in your communication with clients and marketing materials. Your clients can see the beauty of the products you provide.

Create Digital Mockups for Virtual Sales in Seconds

  1. Select a template from below and drop your photos into the products.
  2. Download the result into a JPEG you can use anywhere.
  3. Share on social media or with your clients.

Let's Get Your Order Ready to Go

All you have to do is choose a frame style and drop in an image — no design skills required! Just log in through our website to Create a Project , upload your images, and select Framed Prints. Your images are stored to create additional products at any time without having to re-upload them to place another order.

If you opt to order through ROES, navigate to the Wall Display catalog and click on Framed Prints. Choose your size and options, and simply drag and drop your image.

Featured Design Templates

Save time and easily create these unique gifts with our free PSD design templates. Select your favorites to download and get started.

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